About us

Fahad bin Abdulrahman Al-Abikan and Abdullah bin Abdulhamid Al-Ghelika Law Firm were established And legal counseling as one of the most promising legal and advisory companies operating from A distinct legal and intellectual vision based on offering solutions to various legal issues, regardless of the degree Complexity through new and sophisticated methods of legal analysis and the search for solutions That reconciles the rules and legal regulations with the actual needs of the economic working environment And the investment. The establishment of the company was the culmination of stages of experience accumulated through work and cooperation with Offices with a great reputation and history, and the law firm is linked to the company's cooperation and alliance with A large number of law firms and legal consulting firms and consulting companies around the world. It also has a number of economic and financial advisory offices in the Kingdom and other countries. Gulf, believing in the importance of the role that information and economic and financial knowledge play in Access to effective legal solutions that meet the real needs of customers.

Our goals

Providing specialized legal services to our clients. Contributing to the development of legal work in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states In line with the important and strategic developments in the legal environment Work to develop legal trust and legal awareness among individuals and bodies. Contributing to the introduction of specialized legal solutions to economic and investment issues. Work to develop mechanisms and means of providing legal services free of benefiting from Professional and technical developments around the world. Provide a range of integrated legal services free of short and standardized procedures with Work to minimize the burden on blindness. Publication of specialized legal studies and research. Work to expand specialized legal training.


Legal services form an integrated unit that can be separated from the other, as it proceeds Our philosophy is also that support services for legal work are less important than the essence of services. Basic legal. We see that the comprehensive knowledge of the economic, investment, cultural and social elements that Legal services are essential lyrelated to anyone who specializes in legal work. We take care of the human resources and develop them as the key element in the quality Legal services and their efficiency. We are interested in identifying the real needs of the client and using legal analysis methods Advanced free it systems to reach the best solutions that meet the requirements of customers.