Legal and legislative drafting

One of the most important ways to secure agreements and maintain order within institutions
Editing regulations and contracts and they need a great deal of accuracy in content
and drafting, so it’s necessary to pay attention to the wording until commitments are resolved
And the rights are in accordance with the vision of the parties to the contract or those who are bound by the regulations
That’s why we at Al-Abikan and Al-Glyqa offer precision services.
Preparation and review of contracts in the fields of construction, contracting and finance
Investment and international contracts.

Preparing executive and regulatory regulations.

Preparing and reviewing typical contracts that meet the company’s needs
Regarding its relationship with customers and suppliers.

Auditing transactions, financial products and company contracts through researchers
And experts in jurisprudence and islamic sciences, with the possibility of adopting it from a specialized sharia body.

Preparing legal review files for M&A transactions and establishing companies
And the establishment of investment funds, insurance portfolios.

We do all the procedures for establishing reinvestment funds.
Which includes the preparation of the fund’s documents and contracts and contracts
And approved by a specialized legal body, with a review of the CMA.
Until you get licenses.